Art Of War - Act IV
OCTOBER 5 - 8 AM to 5:30 PM
An Xtreme Kombat & Team Venom All Day Paintball Event

One of the most intense paintball games of the year! 2 factions fighting for control. Featuring some of the biggest names in scenario paintball on the east coast!


Entry Tickets Pricing:

  • Early Registration: $29 (Till July 30th)
  • Pre Registration: $49 (Aug 1st – Sep 30th)
  • Regular: $65

Paint Pricing:

Basic Grade

  • Early Bird: $45 per box of 2,000 balls
  • Pre Registration Bird: $49 per box of 2,000 balls
  • Regular: $69.95 per box of 2,000 balls


  • Early Bird: $55 per box of 2,000 balls
  • Pre Registration Bird: $59 per box of 2,000 balls
  • Regular: $79.95 per box of 2,000 balls

Overview / Rules

“In the midst of Chaos there is opportunity” Art of War

Last year we kicked off our first team production Art of War (AOW) and received great reviews. We are excited to announce act IV this fall, October 5th.

AOW is a strategic scenario game that incorporates a little of something for every type of baller. Two factions fight across the varied geography of 30 acres of our home field Xtreme Park Adventures. Accomplish missions throughout the event to unlock advantages for your faction at the final battle. Final battle is a winner takes all tug of war match where your generals will be using all the advantages you have earned in an effort to pull the Throne to their base and claim victory!

No points. Just clear objectives and gun fighting.

Whether your CQB, FSR, Paintball Veteran, or first time thrill seeker, this event is for you.

It’s time to get our feet dirty again and AOW will provide the opportunity to enjoy the summer in a predominately tree canopy field. Come out and unleash the paintball demon you have been tormenting during the spring.

If you’re a paintball enthusiast in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area, whether you’re a beginner wanting to learn more about the game or an experienced player seeking a team, Contact Team Venom.

“Venom is a paintball organization dedicated to the paintball lifestyle. We enjoy the fellowship of good company and field domination. We are always seeking challenging roles and strive for excellence at every event we attend. “

Questions About Our Xtreme Park?

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