Total Recall

April 19th

An Xtreme Kombat Airsoft Event

$40 – Regular
$35 – Pre-registration

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9:00am – Chrono opens
9:30am – Briefing
10:00am – Game on
5:00pm – Game ends


Colonization guarantees citizenship. Travel to Mars and secure your future, today!

A mashup of airsoft & role playing: Quests, factions, NPCs, player characters, currency-based limited ammo, and more.

Don’t crack the dome: No airsoft in the dome (safe area) but holdout nerf & boffer weapons allowed. Just as much action happens in the dome as on the field. Negotiate, barter, and take a break while visiting the cantina, all without that pesky eye protection (and respirator, it’s Mars afterall). Be on the lookout for faction information and ruleset information!


– A DEAD RAG IS REQUIRED for this event. If you do not bring a dead rag, then you must purchase one from before gaining entry to play. A dead rag is any piece of bright material used to indicate you are hit. Adherence to uniform restrictions is also required, see “Teams/colors” section below.
– There will be ammo, weapon, and equipment restrictions


General Safety Rules

– Magazines must be removed at all times while outside the playing area (SAWs with box mags are exempt from this rule, but should use a barrel cover)
– Take your magazine out and clear your chamber before leaving the playing area
– ABSOLUTELY no firing BBs outside the playing area. You must put on goggles and step inside the play area or to the chrono area to fire BBs. Dry firing to test weapons is OK. Do not forget to clear your chamber first.
– Goggles must remain on while inside the playing area, even between and before games.
– Fogged goggles may not be removed. If you can not defog them without taking them off, then you must call yourself out and step outside the play area.
*Anyone caught breaking ANY of these rules will be issued a warning. If a second infraction occurs, then you will have to sit out. If a third infraction occurs, you will go home. This is not your parent’s backyard.

General Airsoft Rules

– All measurements are with a .25g BB. It is very important that you measure or convert your FPS with a .25g BB. MED stands for “Minimum Engagement Distance”. This is the closest you are allowed to shoot someone at, depending on the fps of your gun:
– INDOOR RULE = Semi only while engaging players indoors, even with <300fps. No guns shooting over 366 are to be used to engage indoors. Shooting “into” or “out of” buildings on auto is allowed.
: <=366fps = no MED
: 366-400fps = 15ft MED
: *400-450fps = 50ft MED
: *450-500fps = 100ft MED, restricted to semi only
: *500-550fps = 100ft MED, bolt action only
*anything over 400fps with a .25 must be checked in with a game admin before passing chrono
– Safety Kill: No safety kills are allowed. If you encounter a player within your MED, then you must either back away to a safe distance to shoot, pull your pistol, or accept being shot if the other player has a closer MED. Players need to understand that there is an invisible bubble around you that restricts how close you can shoot someone. If you choose to use a higher FPS gun, then you accept the consequences of not being able to shoot a player up close.
– There are no bunker tag rules in play, do not bunker tag.
– Grenades must make a noise to be considered lethal devices. We will be using the 15ft radius rule. Hard cover can save you, but friends and foliage don’t count as cover.
– Rockets will also have a 15ft radius rule, but do not have to make a noise. If a rocket hits a bunker, players inside are dead. If a rocket hits a large structure, kills are a room by room basis.
– No climbing over structures, this includes the fence and into second story structures.
– Destruction of field property will not be tolerated. Respect the facilities provided as if it was your own property. Do not shoot at the lights or windows.

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