Top Gun Airsoft Tournament

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Basic Info

Time: 9:00 am
April 10th 2022

Entry Fee:
$30 Pre reg
$40 after April 1st – 10% discount to VIP members.

Category: Pistol/Hand gun

1V1 elimination
Maximum participants: 32-40


1st place:
Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 Gold Competition Pistol + Trophy + Hall of fame plaque at XPA

2nd place:
Valken crossdraw vest + Trophy

3rd place:
Tango Airsoft goggle + trophy

Group Stage

Players will be randomly placed on 8 groups of 4 or 5 players. Each player from each group will play each player on their group once (round robin style) and the top 2 players from each group will move on the round of 16 elimination bracket.

All matches will be 3 minutes long

Win = 3 points + time remaining on match.
Tie = 1 point
Loss = 0 point

A win consists on hitting the opposite player before the 3-minute mark
A tie will occur when timer hits 3 minutes and neither player got hit

Should there be a point tie at the end of the group stage the time difference will determine the position of the player on the group stage. The player with more time accumulated takes the higher spot on the table.

Note 1 – In the extreme rare case where all matches were a tie, games will be repeated but for 2 minutes each. Should it happen a second time. A game of rock paper scissors (best out of 3) will determine who the two players move on to the next phase.

Note 2 – In the event that there are not even numbers on the group stage (having less than 32 or less than 40 participants) some groups might have less players than other groups. The group seeding will be at random so it is luck if you fall into a group with less people. We will still pick the top two of each group.

Elimination Stage

  1. Any Co2, Gas or spring pistol is allowed.
  2. More than one pistol is allowed
  3. You are allowed to carry unlimited magazines
  4. A maximum of 350 fps is allowed on each pistol
  5. You can wear any outfit and accessory you like except any communication device.
  6. Face mask, or any airsoft approved goggle are mandatory during the length of each match.
  7. Shields or similar equipment are not allowed

Game Rules

  1. No cursing, foul language or physical contact.
  2. If your pistol has technical issues the game will not be stopped.
  3. The head referee will have the last say and his decision will be final. No arguing on field.
  4. During the group stage the head ref will assign the side each player is starting at making it as fair as possible.
  5. During the elimination phase players will decide which side they start on by a flip of a coin. Calling heads or tails.
  6. Before starting the head ref will ask if each player is ready and the player should acknowledge with a thumbs up.
  7. Once the player is ready the tip of the pistol barrel should be touching the home base bunker before the blow of the whistle. If the pistol removes contact from home bunker before the whistle a -30s penalty will be applied and the match will be restarted.
  8. The head referee will announce the start and the end of the game with a single long whistle.
  9. No outside help or listening devices allowed during a live match. Any one caught cheating will be eliminated from the match or tournament. It is left to the discretion of the head referee.
  10. A hit on any part of your body or any accessory you are holding or wearing including your pistol will count as a hit and it is considered a loss.
  11. Asking someone to surrender does not count as a hit. You must eliminate the opponent.
  12. There is no minimum engagement distance. Any distance counts.
  13. Excessive overshooting will result in a -120s penalty during the group stage and an elimination during the elimination stage
  14. When you are hit call your hit and lift your arm in the air.
  15. Any obvious hits that you do not call out will result in a -120s penalty during the group stage and an elimination during the elimination stage. Obvious hits are areas of your body where the bb hits your body and it is obvious you can feel it, like your arm, neck, hands, etc.
  16. Referees will also be checking for non-obvious hits.
  17. When a referee throws a blue towel in the air it means you or your opponent are hit and the game is over. If a red towel is thrown then a penalty has incurred.
  18. Referees will make the best effort to not give your position away but it is not 100% guaranteed that they will not. It is their job to keep you safe and the game as fair as possible.
  19. The head referee will announce when there is 1 minute left with a short double whistle.
  20. Should two players shoot each other at the same time will result in a 0-point match for both.
  21. If your pistol exceeds 350 FPS you will receive 0 points for that match and a -120s penalty. We will perform random chronograph tests.
  22. Removing your eye protection will stop the match and earn you 0 points and a -60s penalty.
  23. You must be ready when the head referee calls you and when he instructs you to be ready.
  24. Failure to be at the field when the game begins will result in a match loss and will not earn any points.
  25. After each match you must walk to the main table give your name and your game result.
  26. A board with the game results will be visible and available at all times for you to follow your progress.
  27. At the end of the tournament, we will give away process and trophies. Good Luck!


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