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Escape Rooms in Raleigh and beyond have exponentially increased in popularity in recent years. If you live in the Raleigh-Durham area, you’re in luck; Xtreme Park Adventures has the most thrilling Escape Room Raleigh has to offer. Once you step into your Xtreme Escapes room, your goal is to find clues and solve challenging puzzles that flex your critical thinking skills and lead to your escape from the game. Learn about Xtreme Park Adventures’ three Escape Rooms in Raleigh-Durham, each perfect for corporate team building exercises and personal bonding experiences.

What is the Bunker Escape Room experience at Xtreme Escapes?

raleigh escape roomClose your eyes and imagine that you’re now a new recruit at a top-secret bunker that has the capabilities of launching nuclear missiles. That’s right, nuclear missiles. Worst of all, there’s a rogue agent among your crew and only your team can figure out who he is and stop him before he launches the missiles and, consequently, propels the world into World War III.

All of our Raleigh Escape Games are ranked from easy to hard, and the Bunker Escape Room is by far our most difficult. Ranked as “hard,” the Xtreme Park Adventures Bunker Escape Room is a 90-minute escape room experience perfect for groups of 2-6 people, though we can accommodate groups of 7-8 people as well.

So, are you ready to save the world from nuclear warfare? Reserve your booking for the Bunker Escape Room experience for only $28 per person (including a drink) here. Good luck finding the rogue mole before time runs out!

What is the Jail Escape Room experience at Xtreme Escapes?

You never thought you’d end up in prison, but you’ve been incarcerated for the past seven months after robbing a bank. The heist was too much to resist, but before robbing the bank, you didn’t think about having to eat prison food and avoiding the shower for the duration of your sentence. You’ve decided “enough is enough,” and the prison guard agrees to turn the other way while you bribe him, steal his keys and attempt to escape to your freedom.

The Xtreme Parks Adventures Jail Escape Room experience is ranked as an “easy”, perfect for children 10 years and older or people who are new to escape rooms. Your group of 2-5 people have 30 minutes to successfully maneuver your way out of jail. Get ready to don your prison stripes and lead your group to a better life outside of jail for only $15 per person. Reserve your Raleigh Escape Room experience here.

What is the Lab Escape Room experience at Xtreme Escapes? Coming Soon!

You’re a scientist on a team who has made one of the world’s most revolutionary discoveries — the ability to genetically enhance soldiers to be cloaked in invisibility. Unfortunately, the genetically enhanced soldiers became too aggressive and have begun slaughtering innocent civilians. Your job as a scientist in the Lab Escape Room experience? Figure out where the soldiers have escaped and discover how to reverse their genetic enhancements before they kill anymore innocents.

The Lab Escape Room is coming soon to Xtreme Park Adventures, and is ranked as a “medium” difficulty escape room experience. Lasting 60 minutes, the Lab Escape Room is ideal for groups of 2-5 people, though it is possible for us to accommodate groups of 7-8 people as well.

Put on your white lab coat and get ready to investigate by our Lab Escape Room experience, priced at only $28 per person (including a drink).

Join Us for a Raleigh-Durham Escape Room Experience that You’ll Never Forget

Ready to get your team building skills on, bond with family and friends, or just get a rush of adrenaline as you try to escape the challenging rooms? Join us at Xtreme Park Adventures for our Raleigh-Durham Escape Room experiences, located at 7460 Wake Forest Hwy in Durham, N.C. We’re open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., though we are happy to accommodate your needs if you wish to come at other times.

For safety purposes, no one under the age of 10 years old will be admitted to our escape room experiences. Participants 17 years or younger must be accompanied by at least one adult that is at least 21 years old, in addition to a signed waiver prior to participating. For any additional questions about our Raleigh-Durham Escape Room experiences, please read our FAQs here. For staffing and room availability purposes, we highly recommend you reserve and pay for your tickets online, though you’re welcome to show up at the park and play without a reservation if staff and escape rooms are available. Visit us online or call us at (919) 596-6100 to book your Raleigh-Durham escape room experience today!