Airsoft Fields near Pittsboro

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Hours of operation

Saturday & Sunday: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Monday - Friday: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

For group events and special occasions, we can provide off-hours play - just call us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Birthday Party Package

Plan an unforgettable birthday party  at Xtreme Park Adventures with Airsoft, Laser Tag, Paintball, Gel Blaster or Rock Climbing!

Airsoft Pricing

At Xtreme Park Adventures, we are dedicated to providing a great experience and incredible value to our guests. Pricing for individuals is below, but be sure to CALL US for group rates, corporate team building, and birthday parties. Be sure to check out our SPECIAL PROMOS! – we run new ones every month!

Our Airsoft Packages

If you have your own equipment you only pay the entry fee and the paint.

Airsoft Discounts

We offer specially-priced group tickets, up to 50% off in discounts! We offer airsoft discounts for military personnel, church groups, bachelor parties, and birthday parties.  For detailed information, prices and tickets, please go to the DISCOUNTS section

Itemized Pricing

Airsoft Field Fee $35

Includes all day access to the fields

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M4: $25
Mask: $5
Tank: $5
Vest: $5


$7 per bag of 1,000
$22 per bag of 5,000 of 0.20g
$26 per bag of 5,000 of 0.25g

1 Hour of Private Instruction

Don’t like playing with other people? We can make your event more private
$100 for groups of 10 or less
$150 for groups of 11 or more
$50 per additional hour


At Xtreme Park Adventures we do ask that all participants (or their guardians) sign a safety waiver for all our activities.

Airsoft Fields Near Pittsboro

Xtreme Park Adventures has 50 acres dedicated to extreme sports and fun adventures. Our airsoft fields offer unparalleled realism and exciting matches that will keep you on your toes. Plus, our large variety of games ensures you’ll have fun all day long and not get bored of the same “capture the flag” scenarios.   

                Our Game Menu

Check out our game menu to find the right match for your group! 


 8 players or more.  
 10 minutes or more.


Objective: Captain Kaboozo is being hunted by Team Valkyrie, but there’s a small defense force protecting them. Captain Kaboozo and his team must eradicate Team Valkyrie, outlast the timer or escape to home base for his team to win the game.  



 10 players or more.  
 15 minutes or more.


Objective: Team Alpha launches a surprise ambush on Team Bravo’s camp and is tasked with taking down their enemy while Team Bravo must locate and eliminate the invading squad in this elimination style challenge. 


Civil War

 2 players or more.


Objective: Civil war elimination game in which all players are divided into two lines. The instructor counts down to Fire! and all players fire into the other line. Players can duck and dodge, but their feet can’t move and those who get hit are out. Players left move forward one step and the civil war continues until one player is left standing. 



 5 players or more. Equal teams.
 15 minutes.


Objective: Kidnappers have 15 minutes to kidnap the VIP behind enemy lines and bring them to the rendezvous point. CIA agents must protect the VIP from being kidnapped at all costs!


Zombie Apocalypse

 5 players or more.  


Objective: Zombies must kill all Humans. Humans must hunt down and kill all Zombies “elimination style”. But anytime a Zombie “bites” a human, they immediately turn into a Zombie. The last human to not get turned is the winner!



 10 players or more.  
 5 or 10 minutes.


Objective: Rebel forces are invading the Imperial Army’s base to destroy their Death Star. The Imperial Army must protect the target and eliminate the rebels. 


The Four Horsemen

 5 players or more. 
 5 minutes.


Objective: The horsemen must survive and reach the safe zone before the time runs out. Archangels must stop the Horsemen at all costs. Game ends if one team is eliminated or if one or more horseman makes it through the safe zone.


The Crazy Game of Poker

 4 players or more. Four equal teams.


Objective: Earn the most points for your team.


Capture The Flag

 6 players or more. Equal teams.
 15-40 minutes depending on number of players.


Objective: Each team has a flag in the center of their base. The other team is trying to capture that flag for themselves!  


Bomb Da Base

 6 players or more. Equal teams.
 10 minutes.


Objective: Terrorists must eliminate the police force or plant the bomb. The police force must prevent the bomb from being armed or eliminate the terrorists.


Fall & Rise

 2 or more players. Equal teams.
 10 – 15 minutes.


Objective: Team Tango must fight to keep it’s flag raised. Echo troops must fight to lower the flag. When time is up, the team with the flag raised/lowered wins.



 3 players minimum – 11 players maximum.
 10 minutes.


Objective: Elimination, last man standing.


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Xtreme Park Adventures is the ultimate destination for extreme sports in the Triangle. To learn more about our attractions, visit our Frequently Asked Questions. If you have additional questions or want to reserve a group experience,  contact us or call us at 919 646-4072