Paintball FAQs

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What does it feel like?

Paintballs travel pretty fast and in some instances it can hurt a little, mainly a paintball hitting your body feels like a hard pinch and goes away in a few seconds.

What clothing should I wear?

Paintballs are biodegradable. They can be washed with simple water and soap. We do recommend you wear clothing you don’t mind getting dirty. Also try wearing long sleeve shirts and pants. And if you can wear dark colors (camouflage is best) since bright colors will give your position away!

Do you provide any protection?

We have vests available for rental. Vests protect your back and chest. We also have coveralls available for sale for a small fee that cover all your body and clothing. They are camouflage print so they are great for hiding.

How old do you have to be to play?

There is no true age limit in paintball. We normally don’t recommend anyone under 8 to play. We require that children under 10 be accompanied onto the playing field by an adult. Children over 10 may be dropped off at the Park to play.

How long are games?

There is no set time for games. They can go anywhere from 5 min – 20min, depending on what game the instructor chose for you to play. In a typical day you will probably play anywhere from 5-10 games sometimes even more. It also depends how many paintballs you buy.

What kind of games do we play?

We have created a menu with a vast variety of games to keep things exciting at all times. We encourage you to ask your instructor to play any specific game you like from the menu or if you come up with a cool game scheme then let him know! Click here to view our game menu

How long will my paintballs last me?

This all depends how trigger happy you are and what kind of paintball you like playing. Tournament players can spend 1500-3000 paintballs in a few hours! And we have seen recreational pump players use as little as 100 paintballs in a few hours. Our average recreational player will spend 500 paintballs in 2-3 hours.

How long can I play?

Once you pay your entry fee you may stay until the Park closes. Your play is limited only by your physical energy and your ammunition supply.

What is a scenario game?

Scenario games are special games we design to last for a full day. Normally these games have long objectives that last 1-2 hs each. All players are typically separated in 2 or 3 teams and they accumulate points as the day progresses. In scenario games we combine all playing fields, thus no private parties or paintball games will occur that day (except the paintball speedball field). These games are a ton of fun and we encourage you to try at least one if you never did!

What speed can I shoot my gun?

Our allowed limit is 285 fps.

Can my group play by itself?

Yes. For you to have a private group you must hire a private instructor for a fee.

What happens if I have never played before, do I have to play with advanced players?

Our instructors always make sure to balance teams out. If there is a group of 20 beginners and there are say 6 advanced players our instructors will divide the group in half and put 3 good players on each side.

Do we have to have an instructor with us at all times?

Yes you do. For your safety we require you are with an instructor at all times.

Do I have to make reservations?

For public paintball and airsoft, you are not required  to,but we highly recommend it, especially on Saturdays and Sundays. Some days we are fully booked and if you do not have a reservation, we may not have equipment. If you have your own equipment then you do not need a reservation. Private paintball parties REQUIRE a reservation. Click here to view our reservation policies.

Can I bring my own paint?

No you cannot! We are field paint only. Anyone caught shooting paint that is not from our facilities will be automatically dismissed from the park without a refund.

I am a mom/dad, what do we do when we are there?

You have several options. 1 – You can play with your son/daughter! 2 – You can borrow one of our masks and follow the group to watch them play 3 – You can hang out in the staging area with other people 4 – You can take advantage of our Parent’s lounge (TV, Wi-Fi, mini bar, couch) at no cost to you! 5 – Come in our store and buy your kids lots of things, they will love you for it and we will too!

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