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Saturday & Sunday: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
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For group events and special occasions, we can provide off-hours play - just call us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

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At Xtreme Park Adventures we require everyone to have a signed waiver for all our activities.

Morrisville Extreme Sports and Attractions

If you’re looking for the perfect venue to have a blast with your friends, coworkers, or fraternity brothers, visit Xtreme Park Adventures in Durham, near Morrisville. We have 50 acres dedicated to extreme sports and attractions that provide the excitement, adventure, and camaraderie you’re looking for!

Morrisville Extreme Sports

When you’re craving an adrenaline rush, make sure you check out our extreme sports arenas! The realistic settings and challenging terrain of our arenas add an additional thrill while still being manageable for beginning players. Our extreme sports are not only a great way to get out and have fun, they also make excellent organized events for groups or parties.  


For the ultimate paintball experience in Morrisville, we have a large course, a multitude of games on the “menu,” experienced instructors, and an affordable field entry package that allows all day access. You’re welcome to bring your equipment and gear, or if you need supplies, we have everything you need for rent at our Pro Shop! 

Airsoft Fields

When you want a competitive shooting sport that immerses you in the game, check out our airsoft fields.  From quick matches to all-day scenario games, players will have fun in a safe, but realistic environment. Check out our Pro Shop to rent or buy equipment if you don’t have your own! 

Laser Tag

Gone are the days of black lights and glow-in-the-dark paint with our sophisticated outdoor laser tag equipment that offers our guests a contact-free alternative to airsoft and paintball! Providing a more realistic laser tag experience, our laser guns and gear work even in the brightest sunshine. Laser tag courses have to be reserved, so make sure you call as early as you can to reserve your spot.  

Ropes Course

Our ropes course is a self-guided adventure that lasts between two and three hours. Featuring three levels to climb and suspended obstacles to navigate, the ropes course carries you through gorgeous forest canopy while you learn how to push yourself beyond your limits and crush your goals! 

Morrisville Attractions and Activities

We also have attractions and activities that are fun for families and groups!

Escape Room

Work with your team to search for clues, crack codes, and break out before time is up in our Morrisville escape rooms! We have three unique rooms of varying difficulty, but they all feature intriguing stories, elaborate design, and just the right amount of challenge! 


We have over 3,000 feet of zipline spanning 11 different courses so there’s an adventure for everyone! If you want the adrenaline rush that comes from zipping through the forest at 35 miles per hour or you prefer a slower course that lets you see the beautiful scenery around you, we have the experience you’re after! 

Gem Mining

We know kids want an adventure of their own and our gem mining attraction offers a fun learning experience! With their own mining bag, they get to learn how to “pan” for gorgeous gemstones from around the world or historic fossils, and they get to keep their treasures from their day!

Amenities at Our Morrisville Extreme Sports Park

We have several additional park amenities to help make your visit more pleasant and comfortable: 

  • Kids Zone has excitement for our smallest guests age 3 and up.
  • Transportation Services are great for large groups, able to shuttle up to 32 people to the park and back. 
  • Wine and Beer Bar lets you relax and unwind while the kids play or grab a drink after an intense round. 
  • Food and Drink Stand gives you the opportunity to snack and recharge between rounds. 
  • Conference Room is perfect for company meetings and events and includes a whiteboard, projector, and TV.
  • Party Room lets you host a private birthday party in style.
  • Picnic Area and Shelter offers you a place to rest between rounds or take cover from bad weather. 

Host Your Next Event at Our Morrisville Extreme Sport Park

If you need a group event in Morrisville, our extreme sport park is the place to be. We offer discounted group rates, affordable packages, and all the equipment or gear you may need available for rent, so a memorable event or a fun day out can still be affordable. Our paintball, escape rooms, laser tag, and other attractions are perfect for:

Visit Xtreme Park Adventures for Unforgettable Fun!

If you’re in Morrisville and want to take it to the extreme, Xtreme Park Adventures will help you make it happen. To learn more about our 50-acre park, get group pricing rates, and make reservations, call us today at (919) 646-4123 or fill out our contact form to learn more!

Questions About Morrisville Attractions?

Xtreme Park Adventures is the ultimate destination in Morrisville – Durham for extreme sports.

For any doubts, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions. do not hesitate to contact us or call us at 919 596 6100