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Hours of operation

Saturday & Sunday: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Monday - Friday: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

For group events and special occasions, we can provide off-hours play - just call us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Birthday Party Package

Plan an unforgettable birthday party  at Xtreme Park Adventures with Airsoft, Laser Tag, Paintball, Gel Blaster or Rock Climbing!

Raleigh Paintball Pricing

We offer comprehensive paintball packages as well as itemized pricing so you can get the best value while still having an incredible time! We also offer discounted rates for groups and monthly specials. 

Our Paintball Packages

If you have your own equipment you only pay the entry fee and the paint.

Paintball Discounts

We offer specially-priced group tickets, up to 50% off in discounts! We offer paintball discounts for students, military personnel, church groups, bachelor parties, and birthday parties. For detailed information, prices and tickets, please go to the DISCOUNTS section

Itemized Pricing

Paintball Field Fee $30

Includes all day air (HPA only). WE ARE A FIELD PAINT ONLY (FPO). No outside paint allowed

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Semi auto gun: $15
Automatic gun: $30
Mask: $5
Tank: $5
Hopper: $5
Vest w/pods: $10


$13 per bag of 140 balls (1 pod)
$19 per bag of 200 balls (1 hopper 68 cal)
$24 per bag of 300 balls (1 hopper 50 cal)
$29 per bag of 500 balls (pro paint) and up
$69.95 per box of 2000 balls (pro paint) and up

1 Hour of Private Instruction

Don’t like playing with other people? We can make your event more private
$100 for groups of 10 or less
$150 for groups of 11 or more
$50 per additional hour


To ensure safety, we require all our guests to have a signed waiver. 

           Garner Paintball Fields 

Xtreme Park Adventures is proud to have the best paintball fields near Garner where we offer our guests intense realism and plenty of room to move, run, and duck for cover. Plus, we have an extensive game menu that will keep both new and advanced players enjoying pulse-pounding excitement all day long!  

Our Paintball Match Selection

Instead of simply playing the same match over and over, we have a massive selection of games to choose from! Our games vary in length and how many players are needed, so whether you want a short or long game, a game that’s ideal for a large groups, or even a game that’s realistic or over-the-top, we have something for everyone! Our popular paintball game options include:

Paintball in Raleigh NC


 8 players or more. Team Valkyrie will consist of 60 to 70% of the group.
 10 minutes or more.


Objective: Captain Kaboozo is being hunted by team Valkyrie and must stay alive. He has a small force of dedicated warriors who will defend their leader to the death. Cpt. Kaboozo must 1.) Eradicate all of the attacking soldiers, 2.) Out last the timer, or 3.) Escape to home (raise/lower flag) where he can survive to fight another day.


paintball in raleigh


 10 players or more. Team Bravo will consist of 60 to 70% of the group.
 15 minutes or more.


Objective: Elimination game! Team Alpha must launch a surprise attack on teams Bravo camp. Bravo troops must locate and eliminate the invaders.


Civil War

 2 players or more.


Objective: Civil war elimination game.



 5 players or more. Equal teams.
 15 minutes.


Objective: Kidnappers have 15 minutes to kidnap the VIP behind enemy lines and bring him/her to their starting point. CIA agents must protect the VIP at all costs.


Zombie Apocalypse

 5 players or more. 70 to 80% of group start as Humans.
 15 minutes.


Objective: Zombies must kill all Humans. Humans must hunt down and kill all Zombies “elimination style”.



 10 players or more. 60-70% start as the evil empire.
 5 or 10 minutes.


Objective: Imperial forces must protect their field target from destruction. The Rebel Forces must invade and destroy the field target (any prop designated) by hitting it once.


Family paintball in Raleigh

The Four Horsemen

 5 players or more. 30% start as horsemen.
 5 minutes.


Objective: The Horsemen are trying to reach the safe zone to start the Apocalypse. Archangels have to stop this at all costs by protecting the safe zone and stopping the Horsemen.  


The Crazy Game of Poker

 4 players or more. Four equal teams.

Objective: Earn the most points for your team.


Capture The Flag

 6 players or more. Equal teams.
 15-40 minutes depending on number of players.


Objective: Capture the flag in the center of the battlefield and take it to the opponent’s base.


paintball fields at xtreme park adventures

Bomb Da Base

 6 players or more. Equal teams.
 10 minutes.

Objective: Teams are divided into Terrorists and Police Force. Terrorists must eliminate the police force or plant the bomb. The police force must prevent the bomb from being armed or eliminate the terrorists.


tactical paintball

Fall & Rise

 2 or more players. Equal teams.
 10 – 15 minutes.


Objective: Team Tango is fighting to keep the flag up, while Team Echo is trying to bring it down. 


tactical paintball gamemode


 3 players minimum – 11 players maximum.
 10 minutes.


Objective: You’re tasked with taking down the Juggernaut while the Juggernaut is on a mission to eliminate anyone else on the field in this last man standing match. 


Kombat Convoy

 10 players or more. 20-30% are Xtreme Assassins.
10 minutes.

Objective: The Captain has been tasked to lead his troop to a destination. The Xtreme assassins must take down the Captain at all costs. If he dies, his team loses. But if he is able to make it to his final destination, his team wins.


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