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Hours of operation

Saturday & Sunday: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Monday - Friday: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

For group events and special occasions, we can provide off-hours play - just call us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Birthday Party Package

Plan an unforgettable birthday party  at Xtreme Park Adventures with Airsoft, Laser Tag, Paintball, Gel Blaster or Rock Climbing!

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At Xtreme Park Adventures we require everyone to have a signed waiver for all our activities.

Durham Extreme Sports and Attractions

If you’re looking for the best location in Durham to host a birthday party, church event, corporate team-building exercise, or cut loose with your friends, visit Xtreme Park Adventures! Our 50-acre park offers fun for all ages with multiple attractions designed to appeal to your most extreme side!

Durham Extreme Sports

No one knows extreme sports like Xtreme Park Adventures! If you’re an adrenaline junkie, we’ve got you covered with events that will get your pulse pounding, your mind racing, and your body moving!


Our sprawling Durham paintball arena is ideal for both beginners and advanced players alike, and we have affordable packages that give you all day field entry! Whether you have all the gear and just need an awesome venue or you want rent supplies for a one day event, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to have a fun, safe experience!

Airsoft Fields

Check out our airsoft fields for an immersive, realistic military simulation. Like our paintball arena, you can bring your own gear, rent what you need, or save with our package deal!

Laser Tag

Round up your friends, schedule a corporate event, or gather a church group and join us for laser tag! Available by reservation only, our outdoor laser tag arena is an ultimate realistic experience that offers a contact-free alternative to paintball and airsoft without diminishing the extreme sport excitement!

Ropes Course

See Durham from a birds-eye perspective as you navigate our three-level ropes course. Blending both beautiful scenery with challenging obstacles, our ropes course is a two to three hour adventure that gives you a unique opportunity to push yourself past your boundaries and break through your limitations!

Durham Attractions and Activities

In addition to our extreme sports fields and arenas, we also have popular attractions and activities that appeal to your sense of adventure and excitement!

Escape Room

Can you and your friends work together to find clues, crack codes, and beat the clock to complete the challenge? With three immersive, elaborately designed escape rooms for beginner, intermediate, and hard skill levels, you’ll have a blast as you dive into the live action puzzles.


Whether you want to experience the thrill of zooming through the Durham forest at 35 miles per hour from a 60 foot free fall, or you prefer a gentle glide to experience nature in its glory, our zipline experience is family-friendly fun. We have 3,000 feet of zipline action over 11 courses, including education tours so you can learn more about the unique North Carolina ecosystem!

Gem Mining

With our gem mining attraction, your children get the exciting opportunity to pan for unique fossils and brilliant stones from all over the world! With our informative brochures and realistic panning experience, kids get to learn through adventure and fun. 

Amenities at Our Durham Extreme Sports Park

In addition to outdoor adventures and extreme sports, we have plenty of site amenities to make your day one to remember:

  • Kids Zone offers four fun activities that are perfect for kids age three and up!
  • Transportation Services for up to 32 people
  • Wine and Beer Bar to relax after a raucous game or for parents to wait while children are playing
  • Food and Drink so you can refuel between rounds.
  • Conference Room allows you to blend a corporate learning experience with team building fun and excitement. 
  • Party Room takes your next birthday party to the next level.
  • Picnic Area and Shelter so you can rest or take shelter from inclement weather.

Host Your Next Event at Our Durham Extreme Sport Park

Make your next event unforgettable when you host it at Xtreme Park Adventures. With discounted group rates, special package deals, and more, our paintball, laser tag, airsoft, and other attractions are ideal for: 

Visit Xtreme Park Adventures for Unforgettable Fun!

Xtreme Park Adventures is proud to be the ultimate destination in Durham for extreme sports and exciting attractions! To learn more about our 50-acre park, get group pricing rates, and make reservations, call us today at (919) 646-4123 or fill out our contact form to learn more!

Questions About Durham Attractions?

Xtreme Park Adventures is the ultimate destination in Durham for extreme sports.

For any doubts, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions. do not hesitate to contact us or call us at 919 596 6100