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Hours of operation

Saturday & Sunday: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Monday - Friday: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

For group events and special occasions, we can provide off-hours play - just call us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

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Plan an unforgettable birthday party  at Xtreme Park Adventures with Airsoft, Laser Tag, Paintball, Gel Blaster or Rock Climbing!

Paintball Pricing

We offer all day field entry and competitive rates at our paintball field in Burlington. If you have a large group, ask about our group discount rates and other special pricing. 

CALL US for our SPECIAL PROMOS! – we run new ones every month!

Our Paintball Packages

If you have your own equipment you only pay the entry fee and the paint.

Paintball Discounts

We offer specially-priced group tickets, up to 50% off in discounts! We offer paintball discounts for students, military personnel, church groups, bachelor parties, and birthday parties. For detailed information, prices and tickets, please go to the DISCOUNTS section

Itemized Pricing

Paintball Field Fee $30

Includes all day air (HPA only). WE ARE A FIELD PAINT ONLY (FPO). No outside paint allowed

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Semi auto gun: $15
Automatic gun: $30
Mask: $5
Tank: $5
Hopper: $5
Vest w/pods: $10


$13 per bag of 140 balls (1 pod)
$19 per bag of 200 balls (1 hopper 68 cal)
$24 per bag of 300 balls (1 hopper 50 cal)
$29 per bag of 500 balls (pro paint) and up
$69.95 per box of 2000 balls (pro paint) and up

1 Hour of Private Instruction

Don’t like playing with other people? We can make your event more private
$100 for groups of 10 or less
$150 for groups of 11 or more
$50 per additional hour


At Xtreme Park Adventures we require everyone to have a signed waiver for all our activities.

Our Paintball Game Menu

At Xtreme Park Adventures, you won’t get thrown onto a course with no direction and you won’t play the same boring games all day! We offer a widely varied Game Menu at our paintball fields in Burlington that our staff or YOU can choose from to add more excitement and enhance your paintball experience!


 8 players or more. Team Valkyrie will consist of 60 to 70% of the group.
 10 minutes or more.


Objective: Captain Kaboozo is being hunted by team Valkyrie and must stay alive. He has a small force of dedicated warriors who will defend their leader to the death. Cpt. Kaboozo must 1.) Eradicate all of the attacking soldiers, 2.) Out last the timer, or 3.) Escape to home (raise/lower flag) where he can survive to fight another day.

Directions: Instructors will designate a safe zone for Cpt. Kaboozo escape. Kaboozo and his troop will go out in the field 3 minutes before the game starts and take cover. The game will begin when a whistle/horn is blown. Kaboozo’s troops can regenerate one time by touching Cpt. Kaboozo. Team Valkyrie can regenerate one time by touching the Valkyrie. The Valkyrie and Cpt. Kaboozo will be identified before the game and must wear an orange reflective vest. Neither the Valkyrie nor Kaboozo can regenerate during this game.


 10 players or more. Team Bravo will consist of 60 to 70% of the group.
 15 minutes or more.


Objective: Elimination game! Team Alpha must launch a surprise attack on teams Bravo camp. Bravo troops must locate and eliminate the invaders.

Directions: Bravo Troops begin at the center of a field. These warriors face each other in a small circle. Team Alpha spreads out in random locations around the field. Team Alpha will have one minute to get into position. Bravo troops must hold their positions until the instructors whistle/horn which will commence the battle

Civil War

 2 players or more.


Objective: Civil war elimination game.

Directions: Teams start back to back. Teams walk 50 paces and turn to face the other line of players. Once they are all facing each other the General (instructor) announces: “Point, Aim and Fire”. At this point every one shoots ONCE (1 projectile). Players may lean or duck, but cannot move feet to avoid being hit. Those who get hit leave the field. Everyone else takes one step closer to each other and the General Starts again.


 5 players or more. Equal teams.
 15 minutes.


Objective: Kidnappers have 15 minutes to kidnap the VIP behind enemy lines and bring him/her to their starting point. CIA agents must protect the VIP at all costs.

Directions: Two equal teams start on opposite sides of battle boundaries. CIA agents choose where the instructor may place the VIP. Both teams start at the sound of the whistle/horn. If a kidnapper is shot while attempting to kidnap the VIP, he must let go of the VIP. The VIP can only move if someone moves him/he. Remember the VIP has to survive for either side. Any player caught shooting the VIP will be called out. If the VIP does get shot he/she is not out and the game goes on.

Alternative 1: If there is not an uneven number of people or no one wants to volunteer to be the VIP it can be done with a BOMB.

Alternative 2: Neither team knows where the VIP/BOMB is. They must secure the VIP/BOMB and return to their base with it.

Zombie Apocalypse

 5 players or more. 70 to 80% of group start as Humans.
 15 minutes.


Objective: Zombies must kill all Humans. Humans must hunt down and kill all Zombies “elimination style”.

Directions: Humans have 3 minutes to hide within the battlefield boundaries. All Humans must be wearing arm bands or removable identifying markings. Zombies announce their hunt with a whistle/horn. If a Human is killed he/she yells “Zombie”, takes off their armband and turns into an Zombie. The zombie then leaves and regenerates from the original start point of the zombies or a specific designated area. Friendly fire counts as a hit! No Zombie can die more than twice. Zombies get two separate kills before they are dead.


 10 players or more. 60-70% start as the evil empire.
 5 or 10 minutes.


Objective: Imperial forces must protect their field target from destruction. The Rebel Forces must invade and destroy the field target (any prop designated) by hitting it once.

Directions: Imperial forces enter the field 3 minutes before the opposing team and setup defensive positions around the field target. The game begins with the blow of the whistle/horn. The field target (to be determined by an instructor) must be visible, upright and placed by the instructor. The game ends once the target is hit or the time reaches its limit.

The Four Horsemen

 5 players or more. 30% start as horsemen.
 5 minutes.


Objective: The horsemen must survive and reach the safe zone before the time runs out. Archangels must stop the Horsemen at all costs. Game ends if one team is eliminated or if one or more horseman makes it through the safe zone.

Directions: Horsemen will start on the opposite side of the boundary area. Archangels will start across from them at the safe zone. The game will start at the sound of the whistle/horn. Horsemen can only be killed with headshots. Each player has only one life.

The Crazy Game of Poker

 4 players or more. Four equal teams.

Objective: Earn the most points for your team.

Directions: This game is 3 rounds with a 2 minute break between rounds. Players are divided into 4 teams and elect a team captain to represent them. Team captains bid in front of the instructor for how long their team can hold the base. The team captain with the highest proposed time wins the bid and will attempt to hold the base. The round will start at the sound of a whistle/horn. When the flag is lowered (base is captured), time stops and points are accrued. If defending team is able to hold the base for the proposed time his team is awarded the points. If the three attacking teams are able to take the base before the time, the points are divided and given to the three teams. Attacking teams have infinite re-spawns. Defenders have one life only. (You do not have to eliminate all defenders to lower the flag/take the base).
Round 1 is worth 3 Points – Round 2 is worth 6 points – Round 3 is worth 9 points

Capture The Flag

 6 players or more. Equal teams.
 15-40 minutes depending on number of players.


Objective: Capture the flag in the center of the battlefield and take it to the opponent’s base.

Directions: Two equal teams start at their base. At the sound of the whistle/horn the game begins. The opponent team does not have to be completely eliminated to win. Once that flag is place on the opponent’s base you win the game.

Alternative 1: You can play with unlimited or numbered spawns.

Alternative 2: Each team gets a medic for every 10 players per team. Once you are hit you must stay where you are until a medic rescues you (you can choose anywhere from 0 – 30 seconds for a medic to rescue you, this has to be predetermined before game starts). If a medic is shot, he loses “medic” status and can no longer heal other players. He may be healed by another medic and become a regular player.

Bomb Da Base

 6 players or more. Equal teams.
 10 minutes.

Objective: Terrorists must eliminate the police force or plant the bomb. The police force must prevent the bomb from being armed or eliminate the terrorists.

Directions: Terrorists will start by carring a bomb and must plant the bomb at one of two targets within the battle boundaries. Both targets will be identified to all players by the instructor. Both teams will start on opposite sides of the battle boundaries. Game will start at the sound of the whistle/horn. If a player carrying the bomb is shot he must drop the bomb where that player stands. Police force may not touch the bomb. The bomb will be considered armed when an instructor observes a player with the bomb holds the bomb in one of the targeted area for 20 seconds.

Fall & Rise

 2 or more players. Equal teams.
 10 – 15 minutes.


Objective: Team Tango must fight to keep it’s flag raised. Echo troops must fight to lower the flag. When time is up, the team with the flag raised/lowered wins.

Directions: Both teams will start at the opposite end of the battle boundaries at their base. A flag will be in the center of the battlefield. Teams will have infinite re-spawns at their base. Any player touching his base is invincible (to prevent spawn trapping). Bases will not be in view of the flag.
Alternative: No Re-spawns


 3 players minimum – 11 players maximum.
 10 minutes.


Objective: Elimination, last man standing.

Directions: Select one player to be Juggernaut. That player is identified by an orange vest and starts at the center of the field. You can shoot at the Juggernaut to scare and make him/her hide but will not be eliminated. Juggernaut can’t RUN must only walk. All other players are given 1 minute to spread out through the battle boundary. At the sound of the whistle/horn the game starts. Juggernaut will eliminate every one. Last man standing other than the juggernaut is declared the winner.

Alternative: Team Xtreme against the Juggernaut. If team Xtreme is able to lower the flag Juggernaut loses.

Kombat Convoy

 10 players or more. 20-30% are Xtreme Assassins.
10 minutes.

Objective: Cpt. America has been tasked to drive his convoy through hostile territory. Him and his troops must follow directly behind the instructor until he reaches his destination. The Xtreme assassins must assassinate Cpt. America at all costs. If Cpt. America dies, his team loses. But if he is able to make it to his final destination, his team wins.

Directions: The XK assassins are told what route Cpt. America will be taking and then are given 3 minutes to set up their ambush. The game starts at the sound of the whistle/horn. Cpt. America and his troops must follow the instructor. They are not allowed to pass the instructor or fall more than 20 feet behind him.

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