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Hours of operation

Saturday & Sunday: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Monday - Friday: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

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For group events and special occasions, we can provide off-hours play - just call us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

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Get a team of friends together to see if you can put your wits to the test while working together. Once you’re in the room, you have to find clues, crack codes, and solve puzzles to escape  before time runs out! 


Our Burlington Escape Rooms

You and your group will work against the clock to find clues, solve puzzles, and unlock the door in one of our three unique escape rooms in Burlington, customized to various skill levels. Featuring immersive, detailed staging, clever stories, and challenging puzzles, you and your team are in for a fun adventure you’ll never forget!

The Bunker

As new recruits you are immersed in the depths of a TOP SECRET bunker that has the capabilities of launching nuclear missiles. A rogue agent is amongst you and you must figure out who that is to stop him from launching the missiles and starting WWIII.

Difficulty: Hard
Time: 90 minutes
Price: $34 per person (Includes a drink)
Size: 2-6 people (if you have 7 or 8 people it is possible but we recommend no more than 6)

The Lab

A team of scientists have discovered a genetically enhanced ability: cloaking (invisibility). This ability was applied to a group of soldiers. Unfortunately, after a few months, the genetically modified soldiers became too aggressive. Your mission as a scientist is to head to the lab and figure out where the soldiers are located to bring them back and reverse engineer their abilities before they kill innocent people.

Difficulty: Medium
Time: 60 minutes
Price: $28 per person (Includes a drink)
Size: 2-6 people (if you have 7 or 8 people it is possible but we recommend no more than 6)

The Jail

You robbed a bank and you’ve been incarcerated for the past 7 months. After eating the food and listening to your cellmate’s same stories over and over, you’ve decided that this life just isn’t for you. You’ve successfully bribed a prison guard to look the other way while you steal his keys and escape.

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 30 minutes
Price: $15 per person
Size: 2-5 people


At Xtreme Park Adventures we require everyone to have a signed waiver for all our activities.

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