Top 5 Soccer Fields in North Carolina

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Top 5 Soccer Fields in North Carolina

Soccer, known around the world as football, is the most popular team sport in the world. Despite taking some time to gain traction in the United States, soccer has seen a rise in popularity over the last decade as more and more Americans enjoy watching and playing soccer.  

Our recreational sports and entertainment facility in Durham is sharing our 5 favorite picks for the top soccer fields in North Carolina. From offering camps, lessons, free-play, and competitive games, NC has a lot to offer for both adults and children looking to spend some time on the field. 

Why Play Soccer in North Carolina? 

As a resident of North Carolina, you know firsthand that we have the perfect year-round weather to enjoy the outdoors. From nature walks to boating and fishing, the Tar Heel state offers a temperate climate that makes the enjoyment of outside activities possible no matter the season. When it comes to playing and watching outdoor sports, the rise in soccer fields around North Carolina has seen a large uptick in the past few years. 

More families are watching the World Cup together, and with big names like Lionel Messi, Christiano Rinaldo, and Kylian Mbappe getting worldwide attention, children in North Carolina are showing interest in learning about and playing soccer. This increased interest in the sport and the introduction of so many new soccer fields in North Carolina make it difficult to choose which venue has the best turf and amenities to play.

Top 5 Soccer Fields in NC

Our choices for the top soccer fields in North Carolina offer a variety of different features that make learning and playing soccer fun for people of all ages. 

#1 – The Xtreme Field 

Facilities for Players and Fans

The brand-new turf field at Xtreme Park Adventures in Durhman is the perfect place for soccer tournaments, sports day events, birthday parties, and more. Made of premium quality astroturf, the outdoor soccer field measures at 140’ x 90’, big enough to host two simultaneous matches for spectators’ enjoyment. 

At the Xtreme Field, games can be played well into the evening hours thanks to the field lights that keep gameplay illuminated up to 11 pm. The surrounding areas are equipped with picnic tables, BBQ grills, an outdoor restroom, and nearby clubhouse. Hosting a corporate event or birthday party at the Xtreme Field offers convenience and versatility, as well as the beauty of a brand new, crisp and clean turf. 

It’s hard to beat the opportunities for gaining soccer skills, watching tournaments, and engaging in social events that Xtreme Park Adventures’ new outdoor soccer field has to offer. This makes the Xtreme Field the top choice of the best soccer fields in North Carolina.

#2 – WRAL Soccer Park

Anyone visiting Raleigh who wants to check out some of the best local soccer fields should visit the impressive property at WRAL Soccer Park. Home to the North Carolina FC USL league 1 soccer team, WRAL Soccer Park hosts a variety of state-wide and national tournaments. Their 21 full-sized soccer fields allow for the extensive competitive training programs and recreational camps they operate year-round. 

WRAL Soccer Park consists of 8 turf fields and 14 grass fields, with the average field size measuring at 110 x 65 yards. With plenty of restrooms, concessions, and paved paths, taking in a game at WRAL’s campus is sure to be a great night of entertainment for the whole family. 

#3 – Jordan Soccer Complex 

Just within an hour’s drive from Raleigh is Fayetteville, NC’s Jordan Soccer Complex. Jordan Soccer’s 8-field complex is the home of the Fayetteville Soccer Club. The FSC is made up of recreational programs for children, juniors, and adults as well as an adult league competitive program and 3 travel teams. 

The fields at Jordan Soccer Complex are surfaced in Bermuda grass and Musco lighting allows for a great nighttime soccer game experience. In addition to the impressive fields, there are a number of concession stands, restrooms, changing rooms, and coaches rooms that make engaging in events at Jordan Complex convenient and fun. 

#4 – Womble Turf Field

The Womble Turf Field is located at Parrish Womble Park’s recreation center in Holly Springs, NC. The center runs camp programs for children and juniors, rents its facilities for events, and offers free-play on its synthetic turf, lined soccer fields. Womble Turf Field makes for an idyllic, beautiful outdoor setting for a relaxed afternoon in the sun to take in a local soccer match. 

Womble Park is 46 acres and has a variety of opportunities for outdoor recreational fun for all ages. In addition to their soccer fields they have a tennis court, 4 baseball or softball fields, sand volleyball courts, horseshoe pits, walking trails around the soccer field, and much more. 

#5 – Brian Park Soccer Complex

The huge stadium-style venue of Brian Park’s Soccer Complex seats up to 3,000 spectators, has 19 Bermuda grass fields and 2 turf fields, with 11 well-lit fields for nighttime matches. Owned by Greensboro Parks and Rec, the beautiful Brian Park is the home field location to the NC Fusion Soccer team. 

In addition to hosting soccer tournaments, they offer recreational programs for all ages and skill levels. The Brian Park Soccer Complex is located in Browns Summit, NC and is affixed with an impressive scoreboard, press box, concessions, locker rooms, and more. In addition to their athletics training programs, the complex’s facilities are available for rent. 

boy throwing the ball in during a soccer game at xtreme soccer field

The Xtreme Field is the Top Soccer Field in NC 

While it’s clear that North Carolina has a lot to offer when it comes to soccer fields, the top soccer field in North Carolina is the brand-new Xtreme Field at Xtreme Park Adventures. The versatility offered by the Xtreme Field venue is unmatched. Whether used to host children’s birthday parties, corporate team-building events, to train and learn soccer skills or to watch a game, the Xtreme Field is a perfect choice. 

Who Can Use the Xtreme Field at Xtreme Park Adventures? 

The premium soccer field at Xtreme Park Adventures is the ideal location for: 

  • Groups wanting to rent the field to play by the hour. 
  • Coaches looking for the perfect turf field to train players. 
  • Children, juniors, and adults of all skill levels to enhance their soccer talents. 
  • Youth and adult leagues.
  • Tournaments.
  • Soccer camps. 
  • Birthday parties, anniversary parties, and other celebratory events. 
  • Corporate events. 

If you live in or around Raleigh, NC and are interested in hosting an event or participating in soccer training or coaching, contact the home of NC Soccer

Why is Xtreme Field the Choice of Top Soccer Field in NC? 

Some of the features that make Xtreme Park Adventure’s Xtreme Field the best soccer venue in North Carolina are: 

  • Brand new field is made of 2.5” of cushioned turf. 
  • Stadium-style bleachers and lighting. 
  • Convenient parking is located right next to the fields. 
  • Located centrally for easy access from Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Wake Forest, and surrounding areas. 
  • On-site changing rooms and restrooms. 
  • Shopping for soccer apparel, snacks, drinks, and more right on the premises. 
  • BBQ grills and picnic tables beside the soccer field allow for the perfect pre or post game spot for a meal with family or friends. 
  • Access to Xtreme Adventure Park’s other onsite facilities, including laser tag, ropes course, an Escape Room, outdoor quest adventures, and more!

Soccer Lessons at the Xtreme Field

Local coaches provide soccer lessons for boys and girls and men and women of all ages and levels of skills, from beginner to advanced, including Argentinian-style soccer. With Argentina just winning the 2022 World Cup, soccer enthusiasts will be delighted to learn that Argentina’s “criollo” style of soccer is being taught on the Xtreme field. Argentinian style of play emphasizes individuality and free movement. 

Whether you are looking to learn the artistic, elegant, inspired style of play celebrated in South America or the traditional British style of disciplined play, there are a variety of opportunities to take soccer lessons at the Xtreme Field. 

Visit NC’s Top Soccer Field at Xtreme Park Adventures

If you are interested in taking soccer lessons at the Xtreme Field, coming to our facilities to watch a soccer match, or hosting a party or other event at Xtreme Park Adventures, our knowledgeable experts in recreational activities are happy to help. 

Visiting Xtreme Park Adventures is fun for the whole family– we have endless amounts of opportunities for the ultimate adventures and group fun. Contact us today at (919) 646-4072 or fill out our form to get started.

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