ATV Adventure FAQs

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ATV Adventure

What are the ages?


What size are the ATVs?


How fast do they go?


Do you have to wear a helmet?

Yes, we provide one or you can bring your own

Are goggles required?

No, but we highly recommend them. You can bring your own or you can buy them at our shop

Do we have to pay for fuel?

No, it is included in the rental price

Can parents watch?

Yes you may watch but we are not responsible for taking or bringing you back

Will my kid be supervised?

Yes, a guide will be riding along with riders to ensure their safety and help them out

My kid tried it and got scared, can I get a refund?

Yes, we will not force any child to ride. If your child gets scared within the first 15 minutes and opts to not ride then we will issue a full refund. After the 15 minutes no refunds will be allowed.

Questions About Our Xtreme Park?

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