Xtreme Haunt

Are You Brave Enough for North Carolina's #1 Haunted House Experience?

Available October 2021

Hours of operation

7:00 pm – 11:00 pm

For reservation, call at (919) 646-4072Book your tickets online now before we sell out!

At Xtreme Haunt, your safety is our highest priority. We will be ensuring proper social distancing, face coverings are worn by staff, and cleaning protocols are followed to make sure our guests are safe (WITHOUT sacrificing fear and fun!)

We do ask that all guests wear face coverings and also follow proper social distancing to minimize risk to our staff and other guests. 


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Tired of the same old jump scares and phony gore?

Xtreme Haunt lives up to its name with six terrifying attractions that put you in the middle of the action!

(Attraction availability is subject to change) 


Zombie Corridor Attraction

Zombie Corridor

One of our zombie containment units has sounded a red alert. You need to get in there and make sure everything is in order… Without being bitten of course.

Zombie Laser tag

Laser Zombie Shoot

You are left alone in “The Docks” with a gun in hand and a labyrinth to go through which you must finish in the least amount of time while shooting down anything that comes in your way. Sounds easy.. BUT IS NOT!

Scary Maze

Black Maze

Scared of the dark? Well maybe this one is not one you want to be in. You will need to go through our pitch black maze with only your touch senses to guide you. CAREFUL: you might encounter horrible things on the way.

Phobia House Halloween Attraction

Phobia House

If you came to us to be scared then phobia house is a must. You will be trapped in a room with live creatures hissing and crawling over you. WARINING: If you have real phobia to snakes, spiders, or crawly things we recommend to stay away from this one!

Prison Cell Escape Room

Prison Cell

You have been captured and locked up in a cell. How long? We don’t know, but stay away from the prison cells if you can.

Mini Escape Room Jail Theme

Mini Escape Jail

You and your group paid off the jail guard to turn around and escape the jail cell in 10 minutes or you are there for good. But there is a catch… you must solve difficult puzzles in order to get the key from him.


(Pricing subject to change)


Haunt Package

Park Entry
Containment Zone
(Includes 4 attractions: Black Maze, Phobia House, Prison Cell and Zombie Corridor)
Laser Zombie Simulator
Xtreme Haunt Walk

$19 online ticket
$24 door ticket

VIP Haunt Package

FAST Pass Entry
Containment Zone
(Includes 4 attractions: Black Maze, Phobia House, Prison Cell and Zombie Corridor)
Laser Zombie Simulator
Mini Escape Rooms
Xtreme Haunt Walk

$39 online ticket
$44 door ticket

You are NOT guaranteed you will be able to do all attractions the day of the event.


At Xtreme Park Adventures we require everyone to have a signed waiver for all our activities.


Questions About The Xtreme Haunt?

Xtreme Park Adventures is the ultimate destination in the Raleigh-Durham area for extreme fun! To learn more about our attractionsplease refer to our Frequently Asked Questions. For reservations and more, call us at (919) 646-4072