Xtreme Haunt

A Real-Life Zombies Shooting Experience

Available October 2019

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Hours of operation

7:00 pm – 11:00 pm

For reservation, call at (919) 646-4072.

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Xtreme Haunt is North Carolina’s top haunted house experience this Halloween, featuring a Zombie hunt with paintball shooting, escape room, ropes course and more. Visit Xtreme Park Adventures in Raleigh-Durham!

See more behind-the-scenes footage about Xtreme Haunt on our ABC 11 News segment, “Zombie paintball shooting experience hits the Triangle!”

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Zombie Truck Ride

Get up on a 40ft military truck equipped with paintball guns to kill all the UNDEAD ZOMBIES that come at you! Can you save us all? Appropriate for ages 2-101.

Laser Zombie Shoot

You are left alone in “The Docks” with a gun in hand and a labyrinth to go through which you must finish in the least amount of time while shooting down anything that comes in your way. Sounds easy.. BUT IS NOT!

Black Maze

Scared of the dark? Well maybe this one is not one you want to be in. You will need to go through our pitch black maze with only your touch senses to guide you. CAREFUL: you might encounter horrible things on the way.

Phobia House

If you came to us to be scared then phobia house is a must. You will be trapped in a room with live creatures hissing and crawling over you. WARINING: If you have real phobia to snakes, spiders, or crawly things we recommend to stay away from this one!

Prison Cell

You have been captured and locked up in a cell. How long? We don’t know, but stay away from the prison cells if you can.

Zombie Corridor

One of our zombie containment units has sounded a red alert. You need to get in there and make sure everything is in order… Without being bitten of course.

Mini Escape Jail

You and your group paid off the jail guard to turn around and escape the jail cell in 10 minutes or you are there for good. But there is a catch… you must solve difficult puzzles in order to get the key from him.


Individual Pricing

Zombie Truck Ride Entry: $15
(Paintballs not included)
Laser Zombie Shoot: $15
Containment Zone: $15
(Includes: Black Maze, Phobia House, Prison Cell and Zombie Corridor)
Mini Escape Room: $10
100 Paintballs: $10
T-Shirt: $15


Haunt Package

Zombie Truck Ride
(Paintballs not included)
Containment Zone:

$17 door ticket
$15 online ticket

VIP Haunt Package

Zombie Truck Ride
(Paintballs not included)
Laser Zombie Shoot
Containment Zone
(Includes: Black Maze, Phobia House, Prison Cell and Zombie Corridor)
FREE Drink
Select your ride time

$45 door ticket
$39 online ticket


Your car broke down and at a distance you could see lights from a small town. Your cell phone is dead, and no one else around to help. You walk towards the town in hopes of finding some to help you. As you approach this small town you notice everything is still and quiet. You have a feeling that something is just not right, but you need assistance and you continue walking. As you enter the deserted roads of the town you hear a faint growl coming towards you.

You panic and start running screaming for help. The louder you scream the louder the growls get and the closer they are. All of the sudden a street light gives you a clear vision of what is coming after you: the walking dead. Slow walking zombies emerge from the shadows of every building around you. You have nowhere to go, you feel hopeless.

Suddenly, you hear the sound of a large vehicle approaching. A forty foot military truck packed with soldiers and guns. Shots fired all around you and your adrenaline pumping. You have hope. As the zombies fall to the ground you climb the truck and a soldier hands you a gun and tells you: “Shoot them in tha’ face”.

Will You Survive The Ride?

You will ride on one of three real 40 foot military trucks with a total of seventy eight mounted guns for you to take charge of. Each rider gets its own gun to shoot anything that moves. You must keep them away from the truck if you want to make it out alive. Do not worry, one of the officers on board will give you instructions and let you know what to do.

We have devised an escape plan. Plan A, the truck will attempt to take all of you to safety to a nearby airfield. If mission is unsuccessful then Plan B will be to drop you of at a nearby military base located a few miles north from the air field. Here you will meet part of the US army forces that will do everything in their power to keep you safe.

We do not have a plan C. Good Luck!


At Xtreme Park Adventures we require everyone to have a signed waiver for all our activities.


Questions About The Xtreme Haunt?

Xtreme Park Adventures is the ultimate destination in the Raleigh-Durham area for xtreme paintball.

For any doubts, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions. do not hesitate to contact us or call us at (919) 646-4072