Warfare Training Center in Durham

Xtreme Kombat Military Ops Division

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Hours of operation

Saturday & Sunday: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Monday - Friday: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

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Our Mission

At the Xtreme Kombat Warfare Training Center we provide military training for civilians and the use of our facilities and equipment to allow armed military forces to train close combat and military tactics.

What We Do?

Our main focus is hands on military tactics using paintball technology to provide a realistic training in a safe and controlled manner. Our staff counts with active and ex-military personnel including Police, SWAT, Air Force and Army with years of training and experience.

The Xtreme Kombat Warfare Training Center not only trains you to be a better tactician but also it helps you develop other areas of your body, mind and life including: Self confidence, reflexes, working under pressure, vision, coordination, alertness, stress control, leadership, and many other aspects.

As part of our professional staff we have German Garcia-Fresco, a Doctor in Neurobiology who has been developing systems to help increase brain performance for individuals in the financial and business world and now has found a new place where using paintball as a sport can help you develop a better brain!

The Facilities

The Xtreme Kombat Warfare Training Center consists of a “faux” 20.000+ square feet city with a number of buildings including: houses, a police station, a car shop, an school, a bank, a hotel, a park, a motel, cars and more. Each building consists of several rooms with doors and window openings to provide a realistic urban setting.

One of our best features is that our city is fully illuminated from the streets to all the buildings providing a perfect scenario for night training. Different buildings also include different features such as watch towers, prison jails, strobe lights and sound systems.


These are some testimonials from our clients

Lieutenant Cornel Paul Holst

We keep bringing our cadets back to Xtreme Kombat for the great training they get. Their huge facility allows for a great variety of training scenarios, and the reliable equipment add to the realism of combat situations. The cadets have the flexibility to practice tactics and leadership in a useful simulated environment. I highly recommend XK for military operations training.

Lieutenant Cornel Paul Holst, AFROTC
University of Carolina at Chapel Hill

Lieutenant Steve Klukovich

Xtreme Kombat has a great staff and facilities and a flexible schedule which helps us run the training we need fo our cadets. I don’t know any other facility in NC that has such a great mock village to use for M.O.U.T scenarios. We will definitely come back for more training.

Lieutenant Steve Klukovich, AFROTC.
University of Carolina at Chapel Hill

Warrenton Chief of Police

The Xtreme Kombat Warfare Training Center is an excellent place for military and special operations training.

Warrenton Chief of Police, NC

Questions About Our Warfare Training Center?

Xtreme Park Adventures is the ultimate destination in the Raleigh-Durham area for warfare training.

For any doubts, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions. do not hesitate to contact us or call us at 919 596 6100